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Family Law

Independence, Missouri, Family Law Attorney

Family law cases can be emotionally difficult and seriously affect the parties, including any children involved. Whether you are facing a divorce, entering a custody dispute, or have a paternity dispute, your rights and the future of your family may be at stake. At Piedimonte and Associates, P.C. , we have over 35 years of experience serving clients in family legal disputes.

Child support • Divorce • Domestic violence • Family law • Mediation

We work towards finding lasting legal solutions for our clients and their families. Whether through mediation, negotiation, or litigation, we will assert your rights in any family legal dispute. Are you paying or receiving the correct amount of child support? Do you need help collecting back child support? These are questions our firm can help you resolve. Contact us for an immediate consultation.

Our family law practice includes:

Divorce cases often involve a number of issues affecting children, the separation of property, and child support. When you are facing a divorce, we will help you identify your needs to pursue your best interests before, during, and after the divorce proceeding.

Child custody and visitation
Child and custody disputes usually involve a two-hour mandatory mediation that can be waived only in certain circumstances. A mediator can be chosen by the court or by the parties, if they agree. Attorney William Piedimonte has mediation training and serves as a neutral mediator in child custody and visitation cases, as well as representing individual clients in these difficult matters. His experience helps us to provide strong, knowledgeable legal guidance in custody and visitation cases.

Support and maintenance
At the time of divorce, you may need additional support if you were a dependant spouse. We are experienced in helping our clients obtain alimony or maintenance in the divorce process. We can also defend you against unmanageable support obligations.

Adoptions require planning and legal advocacy to protect your immediate and future rights. We handle step-parent adoptions and private-placement adoptions and can assist in the termination of parental rights as well as other adoption proceedings. We will inform you of your rights and obligations and secure your interests and those of your child into the future.

Domestic violence
We represent clients in claims involving domestic violence. Whether you are seeking a restraining order or facing domestic violence charges in a divorce proceeding, we have the experience to assert your rights and quickly resolve your dispute.

Modifications and enforcement
In addition to handling original custody or support orders, we also assist clients in obtaining modifications to those orders or in the enforcement of an existing order. Contact us for more information about relocation or the modification of an existing child support order.

If you find yourself a litigant in a paternity action, you should know that there are special rules and statutes that apply. Be sure to establish a parenting plan, as well as establishing a correct amount of child support.

Juvenile law issues
We represent children and help parents in juvenile legal issues. If your child has been charged with a property crime, drug offense, or drinking offense, we can help to defeat or reduce the criminal charges.

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Contact Piedimonte and Associates, P.C. for an initial consultation with an experienced Independence, Missouri lawyer committed to your rights and the cost-efficient resolution of your family law case.

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